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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Digital Devil Story: Reincarnation of the Goddess


Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生 Digital Devil Story: Reincarnation of the Goddess ) is the first book in the Digital Devil Story trilogy written by Aya Nishitani. It was written in the late 1980s, and is the original source material that would eventually spawn the entire Megami Tensei franchise. The novel was soon adapted in anime form and billed under the same title.

Jusho High School's student body is divided: the gifted versus the normal. Akemi Nakajima, one of the gifted, is assaulted by one of the normal students, Kondo Hiroyuki. Battered and bloody, Nakajima decides to finish his Demon Summoning Program to exact his own revenge. What follows are the consequences of playing with demons...


Table of Contents


Part 1: Night of Demons

Part 2: Transfer

Part 3: Possession

Part 4: Down the Road

Part 5: Sword of Flame




  1. Your e-download links are broken.

    I made an epub of this translation. Feel free to link and rehost it if you like.

  2. Both the e-download and the epub links are broken...
    Does anyone can post more links, please? I've looking forward to read this book

  3. please renew the links i'd love to read these on the go

  4. None of the download links are working. Could you please have a new link posted at your earliest convenience? Thank you.