Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sword of Flame –Chapter 4

After leading Nakajima to the burial chamber, Yomotsu-Shikome had sensed a new presence and hurried to confront it. As she rarely displayed any sort of emotion outwardly, it was unclear whether or not she was pondering the large number of intruders today; in the thousands of years she had protected the sanctity of the Kofun tomb, there had never been a time when it had seen two visitors on the same day. Presently, she came upon Loki running down the burial corridor. She stretched her slimy arms out as far as they could go to block his passage.


Yomotsu-Shikome tried to tell him something in her foreign tongue. She could sense that this intruder possessed a power much different and far greater than any foolish human tomb robber that had previously wandered in. If possible, she wanted to expel him without a fight.

Caught off guard, Loki stood still and narrowed his jet-black eyes as he sized up the power of this new arrival. He then started to calmly walk forward, an arrogant smirk on his face.

Traveling faster than the eye could see, Loki's fist slammed into Yomotsu-Shikome's still-extended shoulder. Without even a chance to cry out, the monster woman was slammed against the rock wall, her flailing purple-flecked legs kicking at the cold stone floor.

"Did you really think you would be able to stop me?" Loki mocked Yomotsu-Shikome as she finally managed to stand back up.

Having fully regained her senses, Yomotsu-Shikome charged at Loki, bellowing threats at him. But Loki did not even attempt to dodge. He merely grabbed the fearsome monster woman’s arm as she charged and twisted it hard. Yomotsu-Shikome's arm was torn off below the elbow; fresh blood gushed out of the wound. Realizing that she didn’t stand a chance of defeating Loki by sheer strength, the monster woman made a suicidal charge at the demon, attempting to pin him with her overwhelming weight. Surprised, Loki fell over as she crashed into him. Though her attack succeeded, Yomotsu-Shikome's fangs could not penetrate his bronze skin. Even as she attempted to tear out his throat, she only succeeded in making harmless scraping sounds against his neck.

Loki plunged his sharp talons into Yomotsu-Shikome's chest and tore out her heart. He nonchalantly threw the monster woman aside as she let out a horrible death cry, before proceeding down the path as if nothing had happened.

"Izanami, Izanami...."

Yomotsu-Shikome's sorrowful cries soon became quieter than the gentle breeze flowing through the corridor.

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