Saturday, September 18, 2010

Down the Road –Chapter 2

Ohara faced the host computer, talking with Loki in the now-decimated CAI room. Even though he could now take full form, Loki seemed to prefer staying inside the computer in a digital form; it was most likely less of a physical burden.

"Damned Nakajima. He fled all the way to Asuka."

"What should I do? Should I send my students after them, or do you have another idea?"

"No. I'll go myself."

Loki's voice was full of resolve. He fully realized that the revolutionary technology of summoning demons with computers was on par with nuclear weapon technology. If he could master the demon transfer technology Nakajima had developed, conquering the human world would be more than just a far-fetched dream.

But the same thing could apply to other demons. In order to prevent the technology from getting into the hands of other demons and thus ensuring his absolute superiority in the Assiah world, Loki could not let Nakajima live.

Loki had servants to spy for him—flies. Flies were one of the few creatures that could freely travel between the Assiah and Aztiluth worlds; Loki had the ability to not only talk with all flies, but to sense everything they experienced as if he was there himself.

From them, Loki had learned that Nakajima had appeared in Asuka.

"Well then..." Ohara entered a command into the computer.

Displayed onscreen was a part of Nakajima's database: the numbers for City Banks in the Kinki region. Ohara scrolled the screen and pulled up a map of Japan, referencing it with the phone numbers.

"I think that Fourth Kangyo Bank in Inai would be best."

"Then send me there."

As the magnetic tape started spinning furiously, the screen became awash in brilliant colors. Setting the modem, Ohara pressed each button of Fourth Kangyo Bank's phone number carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

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