Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sword of Flame –Chapter 2

Loki swiftly entered Shirasagi Mound and stood before the passageway that Nakajima had passed through earlier.

"Be patient, Nakajima. Soon, I will defile your precious woman before your very eyes before devouring you whole." A twisted smile on his face, Loki transformed himself into an amorphous blob and oozed into the tunnel.

Loki descended the passageway that took Nakajima hours to traverse in mere minutes. Soon the blob of flesh made a squishing sound as it dropped to the stone floor of the burial chamber plaza. The moment he touched the floor, his outer membrane hissed smoke as it started to melt.

"Damn you!"

Loki quickly transformed back into his bronze body. Kneeling, he let loose a terrible howl. He could not stand the chemical reaction that took place when his protoplasmic body came into contact with the mercuric sulfide. Between his eyes, the one gelatinous place on his body throbbed and pulsated.

Gritting his teeth as he stood, Loki glared at the crimson burial road.

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