Saturday, September 18, 2010

Down the Road –Chapter 6

Loki had left the Fourth Kangyo Bank and was standing at the summit of Tonomine, where he could look out over the whole of Asuka. Below him lay the groups of Asuka megaliths. The drizzle fell on his face; Loki opened his mouth. His throat expanded bizarrely, his tongue started vibrating. The extremely high-frequency pitch of his voice was inaudible to human ears but, drawn in by the sound, countless black dots the size of rice grains cut through the rain on a beeline toward him. It was a swarm of flies under Loki's command. Brushing his face with their hairy legs, they flew into his ear canals and each whispered something to him.

After hearing all the information he needed, Lokie ordered the flies to return to their posts. Rubbing the wound on his forehead, Loki stared at Shirasagi Mound.

Nakajima...what do you intend to do, going in there....?

He knew that Nakajima had not escaped to Asuka by his own power. Nor had Yumiko's power brought them here. A human woman would never have the power to wound a demon. Most likely a Japanese god or demon had possessed her, and summoned them here to Asuka. And it would be safe to assume that it was quite a powerful one at that.

"I don't care who you are, but I won't let you get away with this. I'll crush you to a pulp!" Loki murmured, charging down the slope toward Shirasagi Mound.

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