Saturday, October 9, 2010

Angel Notes


Author's Note
"This was what I wrote when I was invited to make an anthology comic on the topic of angels. However, the anthology wasn't text based and the other two were artists, so I was in trouble. What is the meaning of a novel when over half of the book was pictures? Especially when it's a short novel. That's how I came up with the irregular "Notes" after my doubtfulness.

I remember that I was pretty satisfied with what I came up with, considering that it was completed in a short amount of time. Although, it's unpleasant to the eyes, it brings back memories when I cut and pasted what I typed out from the word processor.

...If I ever get a chance, I would like to make this into a real series of story too. I always think about that when I look at the Black Barrel." – Kinoko Nasu

Table of Contents
1/Original Sin
2/Public Garden
4/After Images
5/How a Star is Born
6/Glitter Love



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