Saturday, October 9, 2010

1/Original Sin

After I came back home from work, I saw an angel in my room holding a guitar.

...I guess I've finally gone insane.

Long, blond, wavy hair, a pure white one-piece dress, a face that left hints of girlish youth and... a ring of light floating on top of her head? If this wasn't an angel, I sure as hell didn't know what one was supposed to be.

"Good evening."
The Angel bowed with an awkward smile.

After rubbing my eyes, I walked inside. The Angel kept standing in the middle of the room holding the guitar, and for some reason was looking at me excitedly.

"Ok, who the hell are you?"

"I'm an angel," she laughed with a smile.

"Yeah, I can tell. What I meant was, why are you in my room? If you
’re here to sell yourself, you came to the wrong room. I hate to break it to you, but I'm not making enough cash to buy an angel."

Um, I’m not here for that. Um, what’s the best way of putting it? I’d like to do your housework."

I can do that by myself. Get out.

" Now, I just can't do that. You see, I can do anything!"

Since she was full of confidence, I let her clean the place up. The result: a scene far more gruesome than a tragedy.

", my cooking's perfect,”
the angel said, quickly sticking her index finger up.

"No thanks. I can't take factory-produced food. It has too much nutrition and the veins will rupture. You get what I'm saying?"

The Angel nodded. Seems like she at least knew that I was a human and not part of the A-Ray species.

"Ok. So what else can you do?"

"I can play the guitar!" she said happily, stroking the guitar.

Her blue guitar was one of the types that used electricity to produce sound. It wasn't the kind of merchandise that went well with angels.

And not just that. She just plain sucked.

"Get out." I took the Angel's hands and kicked her out from the window.


Days passed and I went to the hospital. "There is nothing wrong with your brain," answered a fish-faced doctor.

And so, everyday after finishing work, I wasted energy chasing away that Angel. Eventually, I gave up bothering to.

"The sky, it's dark," the Angel muttered as she looked out at the sky from the window.

An Angel that didn't even know that? Figures. She didn
’t seem to be one of the artificial angels amongst the A-Rays.

"Hey. Where'd you come from? I’m guessing you’re not an A-Ray on this side of the rift.”

"I'm not an A-Ray."

“Then what are you?”

"I'm a being that was created from the hopes and dreams of the people living in this city. That's why I'm so pretty. I’m glad that everyone had such pure souls."

The angel twirled around happily. The edge of her skirt fluttered like a dress.

Now that she mentioned it, she seemed unreal. The angel was too beautiful to be an inhabitant of the Land of Steel. Her golden hair was so dazzling that it projected poison.

So that means...she's an illusion that only I could see?

"Erm, so why is the manifestation of everybody's imagination in my room?"

"Because it's you who killed me!"

She seemed to be mad that I didn't realize that, more so than the fact that I "killed" her. When I asked her if she came here to get revenge, she answered, "What's revenge?"


The angel turned out to be pretty handy and learned many things gradually. She now grasps what it means to clean. The only exception was anything involving the guitar.

"I'm not improving with the guitar at all. I'm playing it just like I'm imagining it, but what I'm thinking and what's coming out are completely different."

Ah, so there was a song she wanted to play. Of course, she wouldn't get any better.

"No shit. That guitar hasn't been tuned."

Yep. It was screwed up from the beginning.

The Angel tilted her head and asked, "What's tuning?"

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