Saturday, October 9, 2010


angel notes.
the matter of knights arms.
...and over count 1999
type: other

The aircraft rose further up in the troposphere.
The sea of ashen clouds had yet to disappear.

Iron wings soared in the grey sky, to annihilate the common enemy of the human race.

At the end of the battle, all but one of the aircrafts that had participated in the mission were destroyed. Perhaps I was lucky that an obsolete AI was piloting it. The AI controlled plane was the only one that was unaffected by the heat of the enemy.

I flew on alone. As I thought, the organic pulsations echoing in the machine were mine alone.

I opened the hangar and drew out my gun.
The air flowing in the machine was cold, burning my lungs.
The internal temperature had reached below zero; the coat I wear carried minimal purpose.
It was at a level that would just barely sustain organic life.

This aircraft, which had only been intended to act as a transport for flight-capable species, was not equipped with weaponry.
If I am to fight, I have to risk my life.

Arctic cold and rampaging winds.
The corpses of my comrades, spinal fluid leaking out from the noses and ears, lay behind me.
An old aircraft which could crash at any moment…
The situation was so absolutely bleak that I felt like singing out loud.

Holding the Black Barrel I had modified for sniping, I did nothing but wait for the enemy.
For the moment the enemy would enter the scope.
For the moment I could pull the trigger and be at ease.

Seven days had been added to the clock on the plane.
Only seven days have passed.
My paralyzed brain felt that I could stay like this for another month, or maybe another year.
My body was always on the verge of collapsing.

How many days and months has it been?
My mind,
My language,
My self…

Just when I lost everything, I recollected everything.
The gun
’s sight caught the enemy.
I pulled the trigger without hesitation.

My brain punched through its limits and was scorched.
Just one brief moment before I fell into unconsciousness…
Just one slight moment before I blacked out…
Just a moment before I was about to fade away, I witnessed the form of my enemy.


---------------Between a rift in the clouds, I saw an angel.

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