Saturday, October 9, 2010

2/Public Garden

A female body with a pair of bird wings on the back. If it also has a beautiful form, then that life form is called an angel.

My job was to shoot down twenty of those angels a day. That's why it wasn't that surprising for me to be seen as an enemy by all who were angels.

I came to this city a year ago. The strangest city within the land of steel…

No plants are able to grow on the soil of this planet. However, there were numerous grey-colored trees within the city, and even a withered grass field on top of a hill. In the hill at the center of the city, there were two gigantic trees that covered the sky. These trees reached the sea of clouds, and they were called the World Trees for their size.

I chose my job as an angel hunter. In this city, angels come down from the sky and attacked people every day. Although they do attack people, they're only at the annoying level of wild dogs, and not many were actually affected. But if we left them alone, the city would be filled with angels, so the city council had to hire hunters. I don't know if the angels have a set location they come down to, but I saw a lot of them in the forest of the city outskirt.

Pulling the trigger of the gun, I absorbed the impact on my shoulder. The naked angel fell down and hit the floor as it was shot right in the forehead. There were countless leaves and countless dead angels on the floor of the forest.
Going across the rough surface of the earth, I return to the walls that surround the city. A beast man who was appointed another area was waving his hand as he approached me.

"Hey. How's it going?"

"Not much. Three coppers per kill. If I consider the cost of the bullet, I won't even have a single copper for myself."

"It's because you use a gun. If you're a man, use your body."

"Well I'm sorry but I'm not that well built. I even need to take medication in order to get oxygen. I'm doing my best just to live."

"I see. You humans are so inconvenient."

"Indeed. Being human is inconvenient."

Yes, in this world humans are certainly inconvenient. That's why human beings in the old age made a lot of creative tools. As a result, A-rays were invented, and that ended in the Great War.

That's how pure human beings became extinct.

With a free loader called the Angel staying at my house, I increased my work load. That angel ate food. Although the materials produced at the factory are free, there's a limit to it. I had to increase my daily quota from twenty to thirty. ironic is it to kill more angels to feed an angel?

"You're working hard lately," the beast man continued.

"I'm just releasing my stress. Those targets actually look like the cause of my stress, and make this lame job exciting."

I couldn't help it and let it out. The beast man tilted his head.

"It's a good thing that you're dedicated to your job. But watch out, they said there were some Knights who were inspecting the forest. I heard a Demonic Sword user was looking at you."

"…what does that mean? Is there an Aristoteles coming this way?"

"I dunno. More importantly, our pay was supposedly lowered again this month. There's a more realistic problem."

"Right. Is the financial bureau ready to kill us now?"

"I never done anything wrong, though," said a prisoner who murdered over fifty human species.

The beast man sighed as he looked at the pile of dead angels scattered across the forest.

He muttered a bad idea. "Hey, you think we can eat them?"

I shrugged as I made the obvious reply."Forget it. You'll be punished by heaven, I bet."

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