Friday, October 8, 2010

The Lance of Kanana


Opening Remarks
An interesting piece of historical fiction, written by a Christian European author for a Christian European audience from the perspective of a heroic Muslim Bedouin defeating the forces of Christendom.


Encircled by the fiery, trackless sand,

A fainting Arab halted at a well

Held in the hollow of the desert's hand.

Empty! Hope vanished, and he gasped and fell.

At night the West Wind wafted o'er the land

The welcome dew, a promise to foretell:

Hers this result, for which she bade him stand.

The Coward of Beni Sads

The Old Sheik's Promise

At the Foot of Mount Hor

The Promise

Led by a White Camel

Kanana and the Caliph

A Prize Worth Winning

To Seek the Beni Sads

For Allah and Arabia

Kanana's Third Mission

The Sacred Girdle

Kanana's Messengers

The Lance of Kanana


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