Monday, December 13, 2010

To Space – Chapter 5

The enormous tower of flesh fought against a tremendous force it had never experienced before. The slimy peak jutting into the sky suddenly seemed to stiffen for a moment. A terrible roar louder than thunder ripped through the air.


The atmosphere shuddered. The base of the several-kilometers-tall tower started hovering off the ground bit by bit. Digging a crevasse large enough to swallow the entire forest, the enormous pillar of flesh gradually floated into the sky, taking houses and the asphalt roads with it as it was sucked into a magnetic vortex akin to a whirlwind, a tornado tinged of blood and meat.

At a point in the sky, the vortex opened in the center. A large blot of ink splotched onto the canvas of the summer sky: a dimensional rip.

The protoplasmic membrane of the tower rippled from the tugs of the immensely powerful force.

A flash of light temporarily blinded the Self Defense Force soldiers that had bewilderedly gaped up at the sight. By the time they regained their vision, there was nothing above them but an ordinary blue sky.

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