Monday, December 13, 2010

To Space – Chapter 4

Without warning, there was an immense change in the atmosphere. At the brink of exhaustion from his fight against Set's psychic waves, Nakajima's spirit was shattered into pieces by an immensely powerful low-frequency rumbling. As one, the mob of zombies that had just crawled out of the lake of blood grabbed their temples, and extended their free hands into the air as if seeking help, before they were crushed in the warping of space.

Everything was being sucked into the storm of an immense magnetic field.

I didn't make it in time...

A new shockwave rocked Nakajima's senses, and he knew that Feed's plan had gone into action.


Set should be transported into space. Nakajima resigned himself. Now that he was unable to rescue Yumiko, a conviction to share her fate had overwhelmed him.

Having come to this resolution, his soul felt light.

Izanami, it would appear that I will have to test the power that you gave me to the limit.

Embracing the blade of the Sword of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, Nakajima folded his arms to his chest and concentrated.

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