Monday, December 13, 2010

Set Summoned – Chapter 9


As Ohara quietly drew her last breath in Yumiko's arms, there was the grisly sound of flesh rending. As Yumiko reflexively tossed Ohara's body to the ground and took a few steps backward, lukewarm bodily fluid burst out and flew into her face.

"Augh!" Feeling a stabbing pain in both her eyes, Yumiko dropped to her knees.

Hya! Hya!

A laughing voice that sound like fingers scraping on a chalkboard echoed in her ears. Sensing something inexplicably foreboding in that voice, Yumiko stood up into a ready stance. However, robbed of her sight, Yumiko could scarcely be sure of her footing, let alone fend off an attacker.

Moments later, a huge amoeba-like creature crawled out of Ohara's torn-open belly and gradually started floating in midair.

An almost unbearable stench wafted through the air. Unable to withstand it, Yumiko's knees buckled and she started coughing uncontrollably.

Hya! Hya!

Yumiko blindly fired her psychic power in the direction of the voice. But her psychic wave merely passed through the gelatinous blob, engulfing the larch tree behind it in flames.

The blob gradually floated up above Yumiko's head, and melted, pouring itself all over her body. Soon, the amoeba had Yumiko's body entirely encased in translucent jelly. Two points of red light, clearly sentient, flickered with satisfaction.

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