Monday, December 13, 2010

He Who Calls – Chapter 1

It was 10:00PM in Inogashira Park. It was the latter half of August. The heat during the day was as blistering as ever, but this late it was a lot easier to bear.

"Cut it out, not here!" A high-pitched voice entreated as it blended in with the chirping of the cicadas.

The voice of a heavily-breathing man responded. "Aw, c'mon, this is the perfect place!"

The woman realized that the cicadas had stopped their chirping.

"Hey, is someone watching?"

"Who cares? Let 'em peek!"

As the two continued, ignoring whether or not the insects made any noise, a third, rapidly approaching voice sounded.

"Kerberos, make sure that Yumiko's trail hasn't split into two different directions somewhere!"

The woman looked up in surprise, and stifled a scream.

"What's the big deal all of a sudden!?" The irritated-sounding man looked around; he too was struck speechless.

A handsome youth with a bizarre, gigantic tiger-like beast was sifting through the underbrush, searching for something. It was like a scene out of a movie. The woman gulped, but after recovering from her initial shock, she focused not on the strange beast, but instead on the young man's good looks. Looking back and forth between him and the man currently fondling her breasts, there was an expression of clear disappointment on her face.

Nakajima gradually climbed the slope ahead of him, following Kerberos. The demon walked cautiously, his muzzle stuck out in the air to take in every particle of scent in the atmosphere.

"So this is where the trail ends..." Murmuring to himself, Nakajima opened the case of his handheld computer. The demonic beast vanished, sucked back into the small liquid crystal display.

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