Monday, December 13, 2010

Demon City – Chapter 8

The data from the RPV was being fed in real-time from the Ministry of Defense via American military satellite to the Space Command Center in Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

"The President has decided to support Professor Feed's plan." Aide to the President Richard announced while staring at the bizarre phenomenon attacking Tokyo. Opposite the screen, a monitor was set up on the far end of the long rectangular meeting table. Sitting at the table were Aide Richard and Professor Feed, General Louis of the Space and Missile Defense Command and Baker, the engineer who essentially controlled the SDI.

President Reagan's concerned face was on the monitor. The teleconferencing system in Peterson Air Force Base was directly connected to the White House.

"So, essentially we are faced with the choice of using a satellite in low orbit, one in medium orbit, or whether we should try to fire a satellite out of Earth's gravitational pull entirely when summoning the demon." Baker pushed his thick glasses up his nose with his finger.

"We currently only have two satellites capable of summoning a demon. The Satellite Early Warning System Satellite Hummingbird at a height of 8,000 kilometers, or the satellite Star Scorpion, which is in medium orbit at a height of 35,000 kilometers. However, both satellites are important for our country's defense, and if anything happened to either of them it could cause great problems in case of nuclear warfare," General Louis said disinterestedly. "Of course, this would all be moot if the Japanese Self-Defense-Force were able to solve the problem on their own..."

Aide Richard pressed a switch by his hand. A map of Tokyo appeared on the screen. Many green dotted lines on it pointed toward a large red cross situated a little left of center on the map, an indication of Set's location and the people moving toward him. On the monitor, President Reagan turned to the side, apparently looking at the same diagram being sent to a screen in the White House.

"In order for the SDF to attack Set directly, they will have to keep the civilians from getting near him. However, according to the CIA's simulations, they will need at least 300,000 soldiers to be able to pull this off. The Japanese government can barely pull together 100,000 soldiers around the capital. They would have to get outside help first." Aide Richard was clearly hinting that the American armed forces would have to get involved.

"So, gentlemen, which satellite would be most appropriate to use?" The president spoke from the monitor. Realizing that one way or another he would be forced to lose one of his military satellites, General Louis looked up toward the ceiling and sighed.

Feed leaned toward the President on the display and spoke. "There is only one option. We must use the satellite in medium orbit."

"Why is that?"

"A low-flying satellite will pass over other countries' airspace, including those of potential enemies, and the potential for an international incident is too great should any unforeseen consequences come of summoning the demon to the satellite. Furthermore, all satellites in low orbit are fated to eventually fall to earth. Should we not come up with a method to destroy the demon permanently, that would mean summoning it to the surface once more. Launching a satellite out of Earth's orbit would of course be ideal, but it would take too long to prepare. Every minute we sit here, roughly fifty more citizens of an allied country are falling prey to Set's efforts to gather Magnetite."

"Very well. I shall communicate to Prime Minister Nakasone our plan to use the satellite in medium orbit. General Louis, you shall head the operation."

A military man First, Louis stood to salute. "Yes, sir!"

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