Monday, December 13, 2010

Demon City – Chapter 7

Inside the makeshift Capital Defense Base beneath the Ministry of Defense, a line of people over ten kilometers was on the video screen. The RPV was relaying the situation on the ground near the heart of the city.

"They've finally made it all the way to Shinjuku!" The voices of the cabinet ministers were full of deep dread.

"I'll leave how to proceed up to you, Mr. President. Please let me know the results." Ending the latest of his conversations with Reagan, Prime Minister Nakasone hung up the receiver, his face pale.

"The Americans have already entered final deliberations about the Demon Banishment Project. In case of emergency, they're sending the bulk of the 7th Fleet to Japan. Its already on way. I've just put the capital under martial law. Both Narita and Haneda airports will be closed off, and I would like to begin evacuating the populace to Tohoku or Kansai as soon as possible. Kurihara, how is the SDF doing?"

"Seventy-thousand ground-based SDF soldiers, including the Ranger units, have already been deployed. They're working with teams of riot police to attempt to split up that strange line. Since there's a high chance of catching civilians in the crossfire at the moment, we're having trouble using any heavy weaponry, but we are looking for a chance to come up so that we can attack." Defense Minister Kurihara's description of the situation was calm and composed.

"The only real problem is that mobilizing the SDF any more rapidly could antagonize the Russians. Sightings of scouts from eastern Russia have notably increased."

Foreign Minister Hamano's acting substitute interrupted weakly."I've already sent word through diplomatic channels to let them know that neither our actions nor those of the Americans have any hostility, but..."

The writhing mass of the tower of flesh, now even larger, was displayed onscreen. Only Ota was looking at that otherworldly life form, his eyes full of adoration.

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