Monday, December 13, 2010

Conflicts – Chapter 4

Narukawa extended his arms out wide toward the heavens and called out. "Soul of the light of heaven and earth, light of the moon, come here to me, Tsukuyomi!"

Feed turned around in shock.

"So you've finally lost it." Isma stopped the giant serpent, its mouth wide open and ready to swallow Nakajima, and turned to stare at Narukawa.

The rumbling of the heavens and the earth quickly wiped the sneering grin off his face.

Nakajima looked up. The sky is falling, he thought.

The stars in the sky, shining far brighter than usual, became a single band of light and shot down toward Narukawa, leaving a streaking tail behind. Or at the very least, that was what it looked like to Nakajima.


But it was no longer Narukawa standing to fight the demon, but his identity in his former life, the moon god Tsukuyomi. Not waiting a moment, he threw the light gathered around his right hand at the enormous snake.


The arrow of light split Typhon's body in two down the middle like a laser scalpel. Isma tumbled to the ground. Narukawa showed no mercy as he launched another attack. With no time to cast a defensive spell, Isma was wreathed in flames in an instant. Screaming in anger and pain, he attempted to grab Narukawa as he crumpled to the ground in a lifeless heap.

The sight reminding him of the death of his mother, Nakajima shrank back. A sudden shock ran down his spine. The air around him suddenly compressed, and a surge capable of freezing body and mind alike shot through the ground.

At last, Set had decided to fight.

The surface of his protoplasmic membrane rippled, and as the tower of flesh undulated, it came over Narukawa's head like a tsunami. Not retreating a step, Narukawa fired an arrow of light at the fleshy pillar that pierced deep inside with a slimy sound. It appeared to do no damage whatsoever.

"Hurry! Hurry and escape with Nakajima! Hurry, while I hold him off! He is an important warrior!" Narukawa cried out to Feed.

"...yes. Good luck!" Nodding regretfully, Feed struck Nakajima in the back of the head with his pistol as the youth tried to run and help Narukawa.

"Kerberos, run!" Putting Nakajima's unconscious body on Kerberos' back with speed surprising for a man of his age, Feed leapt up onto the beast.

"Forgive me, Narukawa."

As if in response to the tear-choked cry, volleys of light fired into Set's body again and again. They soon became less frequent; the Soga Forest was again surrounded in an eerie silence. The fleshy pillar into the sky writhed triumphantly, and increased the speed at which it fused the demon and human worlds together. In the center of that protoplasmic mass, Yumiko, tied to the Egyptian cross, wept tears of blood.

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