Monday, December 13, 2010

Conflicts – Chapter 3

In Yomotsu Hirasaka, Izanami anxiously looked into the black skies. Her connection to the human world was largely dependent upon Yumiko's senses; so long as Yumiko was held captive, Izanami could not view it, nor could she possess Yumiko to save her.

The movement of the stars was the only remaining connection between the human world and the netherworld. Nakajima's star was becoming visibly dimmer. Yumiko's star, right next to his, had dimmed so much it was not even visible without squinting. Meanwhile, the ominous red star around them was shining brighter and brighter.

"What happened? I can't stand this. But I don't have the power to affect the human world..." Muttering with irritation, Izanami's eyes stopped at another star next to theirs, twinkling slightly.

"What's that...?"

Could it be another reincarnated god?

Kneeling, Izanami started praying frantically. "I don't know what god you are, but please awaken, for their sake."

As if in answer to the prayer, the star started glowing brighter and brighter. For a moment, its light brilliantly lit up that area of sky like a supernova.

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