Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kouma Part 3

And then I ran.

I admit it. I really, really ran that time.

As soon as the apparently interminable nightmare was over, I used all of the strength I had left to run away from the classroom. Not sure of how many minutes I had stood there, I rushed as if to compensate for the time I was completely catatonic and immersed in that wicked reality. I needed no more than a few seconds to move my body so fast anyone would have only seen a blur (if there was someone around to see me running down the hallway, that is).

The school seemed to be much larger now that I was trying to escape it. It didn't look like the place I had been in yesterday, and I felt trapped. The crimsonness wasn't present, but the despair wouldn't let me go so easily.

So I ran and ran, but I still could not find a way out.

Like a scared rat in a maze, I kept running around without so much as a clue. Every room seemed dangerous and after that event, I felt like I was inside the enemy, and not in a good way. Not like Odysseus entering the city inside the Trojan horse, but a sinking boat. There were no visible exits to me. My brain had shut down and the single thing that stopped me from, well, stopping was sheer primal fear. When restrained, all I could think about was running away from that. Now I could only run, not thinking at all.

Every step meant nothing.

I jumped down the stairs and, without any grace, gravity made me meet the ground with the same intensity I had inside of me.

Every sweat drop meant nothing.

I ached. Every single bit of me hurt, because I had accidentally bashed my knees and arms into objects while searching for a way out. The pain was now steady, controlled chaos striking.

Every breath meant absolutely nothing.

There was nothing particularly poetic or symbolic about it. Just despair.

Despair was everything, everywhere.

So I ran, falling several times and scraping my body here and there, but not paying much attention to it. I was too scared to think about pain at that moment.

Too scared.


Eventually, I found an exit.

I ran towards it and found myself out of the school building, and a few seconds later I had passed the school entrance gates. Leaving behind Shiina Ryo, dumbfounded, as she tried to greet me.

Without looking back even once…

I ran.

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