Monday, December 13, 2010

To Space - Chapter 2

A deafening explosion broke Nakajima's concentration.

A star-adorned F-14 jet dove, slicing through the clouds. Nakajima suddenly found himself hovering over a battlefield. Below him was a hair-raising sight.

An unbelievably large lump of flesh, a hideous tower of raw meat, writhed slowly. At its base, its pale green, transparent gelatinous membrane expanded greedily. What looked like several long black rivers flowed into it; the black rivers were the hair of people heading toward the tower. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people tore off their clothes and proceeded completely naked.

Rapid explosions echoed through the air. F14 jets scrambled from the 7th fleet were attacking, targeting the top of the tower in order to minimize injury to the humans below. A rain of bullets from an attack helicopter's machine guns sprayed through the air. Ammunition capable of penetrating tank armor was absorbed without resistance into the body of the ever-expanding otherworldly creature, as if it was laughing at the pathetic attack. It was almost like it was trying to prove that any attacks against it would be futile.

Nakajima pictured the blue spheres within his mind. His body was wreathed in a scorching wind, and his right hand held the sword of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. Gripping the hilt with both hands and holding it forward, Nakajima cut through the air, charging toward the summit of the tower.


Nakajima's attack appeared give his target a shock it could not ignore. Set, formerly engrossed in absorbing humans into his body, turned his attention toward Nakajima and interrupted his mind control of the people he had been manipulating. The people advancing toward the tower were suddenly freed from their trances. Around the tower, an ocean of ghastly protoplasm spread out, its gelatinous walls crashing down like a tsunami. Far above, the fighters darted amongst themselves and an attack helicopter plummeted to the ground in a ball of fire, hit by an attack from Set.

The hellish sight standing before people suddenly brought back to their senses was far too much for them to handle. Instinct overpowered them, and a cruelty far greater than when they had been controlled by the demon possessed them. In their efforts to save themselves, they blindly knocked over others, trampling their naked backs and stomachs underfoot. Seeking new victims, an ocean of blood and bile let off a great stench.

So, you really did come after all.

Already inside the tower of flesh, a powerful psychic wave assaulted Nakajima's mind. Trying to shake off the head-splitting pain, Nakajima slashed his sword. Surprisingly, the inside of Set's body was easily torn up by the sword of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi.

What you are so gleefully cutting up are the bodies of the humans that have become a part of me. Dice them up to your heart's content.

Set's scornful psychic wave seemed to be almost pleased that a somewhat worthy opponent had appeared.

Where is Yumiko? Give her back!

There was no response.

Instead, the space in front of Nakajima suddenly opened up. With a sickening sound, boiling swamp of blood appeared. One of the sticky bubbles burst. A human hand reached out. As if on cue, one by one, naked, stooped-over humans came crawling out of the swamp, dripping with fresh blood.

Kill us, kill us! End our misery...

As they pulled themselves out of the swamp, in unison, they all pulled up their blood-matted hair. The faces of those advancing, murmuring as if chanting a spell, were clearly those of Kondo, Takai... all the classmates that had lost their lives to Loki, the demon Nakajima had summoned.

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