Monday, December 13, 2010

Set Summoned – Chapter 1

The air conditioners in the manor’s basement hummed at full blast, drawing in air damp from the previous day's rain, and drenching the room with thick humidity. Focused entirely on his work at the keyboard, Isma heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs and turned around in irritation. Shimazaki entered the room, his yellow teeth drawn in a wide grin.

"The Apeps are working splendidly."

"Of course they are. But don't forget--any body the Apeps possess won't last ten days."

Brushing aside Isma's warning, Yamazaki continued speaking. "You know, the Chief Secretary of the Liberal Party says he would like to meet you."

"I have no interest in petty Japanese politicians."

Isma's words left Shimazaki at a loss. He smiled ingratiatingly, undiscouraged, and walked behind Isma to take a look at the computer display.

"What are you doing now?"

"Though I have succeeded in giving form to Set's Apeps, this is just the beginning. Until I can manage to give Set himself a body, it will be impossible to truly conquer the Assiah world."

"You certainly have set your sights high, Saint. Oh, by the way..." Shimazaki pulled a nearby chair up, sat down next to Isma, and lowered his voice.

"Nakajima has apparently returned."

Isma stopped typing on the keyboard.

"So this means he really did defeat Loki."

"Most likely. On that note, there's something in the information I got about him that has been bothering me..." Shimazaki moved even closer to Isma.

"I've heard rumors that a man named Charles Feed has joined with Nakajima and is working with him to develop a plan to fight back against the demons. Who is he?"

"He's my brother," Feed replied emotionlessly before he resumed typing.

"Oh. Well, that's a strange coincidence..." Shimazaki had found that much out for himself long ago, but had pretended he did not know. "In any case, I would like your advice on how to deal with the current situation."

Isma lifted his bony fingers away from the keyboard and slowly looked up.

"Send Ohara after him."

"Eh?" Not understanding what Isma meant, Shimazaki stood, a look of puzzlement on his face.

Isma chuckled and spoke, cold and ruthless. "While it is best to dispose of any liabilities, I would like to get a sense of their abilities first. At the moment, Ohara is showing signs of demonization. She is also very disposable, making her ideal to test their power. Wouldn't you agree?"

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