Monday, December 13, 2010

Return – Chapter 5

Even as Isma had his chance meeting with Ohara, a foreigner was visiting the Chief Cabinet Secretary's office at the Prime Minister's estate.

"All right, Richard. I'll do my best for your friend."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujita hung up the phone and, perplexed, peered at the bespectacled foreigner with steady eyes sitting on his sofa. Pressing a button on his intercom, he barked a quick order. "Send in Narukawa from the Special Forces, Second Unit"

Fujita stood up with a sigh. "Dr. Feed, I've just accepted a request from Richard to see to your needs."

"Thank you." The tall, thin white man hurriedly stood up from the sofa. He had immaculate white hair and a white beard to match. His name was Charles Feed, professor at MIT and founder of ISG.

"No need to hurry--hold on a minute, Dr. Feed." Trying to restrain his guest with an awkward smile, Fujita sat down on the sofa opposite Feed's.

"Why has someone as famous as you taken an interest in a missing persons report from a random high school in our country? I'm having trouble understanding why anyone as high-up as the Aide to the President would be getting involved in this."

"Even if I tried to explain why, I doubt you'd believe me," Feed replied in impeccable Japanese; his expression clouded.

There was a knock on the door.


As Fujita turned around and spoke his order, a small, delicate man entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Let me introduce you to Narukawa from the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office. You won't be able to conduct an investigation very easily going through the police's official channels. When this man is with you, I can guarantee that you will be able to go wherever you need to freely."

As Fujita finished his introduction, Narukawa extended his right hand out in greeting. There were burn scars on the back of his pale hand.

"It's a pleasure, Narukawa-san." The instant Feed gripped Narukawa's hand, he looked like an electric bolt had shot through his body.

"Narukawa is a master of all sorts of martial arts. He will also serve as your bodyguard quite well."

At Fujita's words, Narukawa looked up at Feed with a fearless smile on his slender face.

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