Monday, December 13, 2010

He Who Calls – Chapter 5

Isma had realized that the bizarre life form that had torn itself out of Ohara's belly was a temporary body for Set, who had been planning to take form by possessing Loki's child.

According to his theory, summoning a demon via a computer required creating a magnetic field with which to summon the demon and the processing of the demon's data for materialization, both of which would have to be done at virtually the same time. If the magnetic field was weak, the point of connection between the demon's world and the Assiah world would narrow, constraining the amount of data that could be processed.

On the other hand, no matter how powerful the magnetic field was, unless the digital data could be processed quickly and concisely, the demon would never be able to take form. It was quite possible that even a supercomputer would be unable to handle the massive amount of data needed to materialize a high-ranking demon.

Despite that, the high-ranking demon Set was able to take form in the Assiah world, even if only in a makeshift body. Something must have added a great deal of power in setting up the necessary magnetic field for a summoning. This in turn eased the restraints on the data processing.

Isma was convinced that something was Yumiko. Most likely, the high concentration of biological Magnetite within her body had been a major player in creating the magnetic field for summoning. The divine constitution she had inherited from Izanami was nothing but a giant retention of highly concentrated Magnetite. While meager in comparison to that of Yumiko, ordinary humans also held some biological Magnetite. If enough of it was collected, it might be able to create a permanent overlap of the Atziluth and Assiah worlds.

Having already formed a contract with Set, Isma borrowed his power to summon many people to attempt to create a tower of human flesh. And everything was proceeding according to plan. Even now, the heavens split with terrible thunder, and Set's most powerful servant, the great serpent Typhon, reared its head into the air as it slithered from behind a black curtain, knocking over the Soga Forest's trees as it went.

"Typhon, welcome. Breathe deeply and take in the air of the Assiah world." Isma looked kindly at the enormous snake. "Take a look, your first victim awaits in the shadow of that tree."

Isma pointed to the fleeing police officer. Typhon vanished beyond the trees.

Meanwhile, Set had transformed into a gigantic, vile pillar of flesh. At its peak, his sinister, glowing red eyes darted all around the area.

Typhon's presence is proof that the demon world Set rules is starting to meld with the Assiah world. Now all that remains is gathering more Magnetite and solidifying the connection...

Isma's eyes shimmered with madness.

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