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Put a Stake in It

Put a Stake in It
By Andrea L Rau
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Author's Note
Put a Stake in It is admittedly my strangest tale to date. I came up with the idea for it approximately two years ago, while I was pregnant (so you can blame it on the hormones, perhaps). My husband was on the phone catching up with a friend from college, and I had more or less tuned their conversation out, because I was busy knitting, until I heard one phrase that burned itself into my memory forever: vampire cows.

To this day, I have no idea what led them to that topic, or even what gave my husband's friend the idea for a vampire cow, but as soon as I heard those two words, I knew that there was a story begging to be told about them. And as I tossed the idea around for a while, I realized I already had a character in existence who was perfectly suited to dealing with such an unusual plague: Wintra Felanos.

Wintra popped into existence as the main character for a novel-length book a few years prior to the idea for Put a Stake in It, so I already had a pretty good idea of her personality, general appearance, and mannerisms for the short story, thanks to a stack of notes and some sample chapters. Put a Stake in It takes place prior to the events in the book featuring her (which is sitting in my queue of books to write, once I finish my current novel-length project), so it was a nice opportunity to re-visit my character and get to know her better.

Like this story, Wintra is unique among my other characters. While she isn't particularly pleasant or likeable in many ways, she is as oddly fun to write as this story proved to be.

I can only hope the readers of this bizarre story found it entertaining as well.


Andrea L. Rau

Table of Contents
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5


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